• Dee Dee – “I just watched Smell My Heart. This is a must watch! I give it 5/5 stars!! Go NOW, enter a world, watch a life, and smell a heart!”

  • Byron -”awesome dude, funny stuff smell my heart melts my heart and always will.”

  • Carmine – “…Judah and Ezra !

Very talented ! I don’t know what to say ! I’m speechless and you know that is hard for me !!It’s…well…different….odd….etc…”

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  1. jane davids #

    wow. what can i say. this movie, along with all the other videos, is AMAZING!!!! i can’t believe the impact this movie had on me. i showed my husband and his two sister…they all loved it too!!! i will tell everyone i see to come and watch smell my heart!!! i KNOW they will love it!!! no questions asked! i love smell my heart!!!

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